Police Reform: It Must Start With the Mind - Bolaji Abdullahi

Date: 2020-10-15

Sometime in November 2002. It was a Saturday night. I just closed production and was returning home around 11pm.

Just around Tin Can Island my car suddenly stopped. Anyone who knows that part of Lagos will know that this is probably one of the worst places such thing can happen to anyone at anytime, not to say in the night. As I sweated and fidgeted with plugs and fuses I hardly understand, I chanted all the Quranic verses that I have been taught could protect one from danger in such desperate situation. God is indeed a wonderful God. Within minutes, strident siren heralded the arrival of a police truck. Before I could even shut the bonnet of my car, I had been surrounded by several gun-toting men. "what are you doing here?" One of them demanded menacingly. From the dim light coming from an advertisement board nearby, I could glimpse their faces. The comfort that I felt with their arrival began to leave me. I worked with ThisDay newspapers. I am a journalist. I just closed from work and was returning home. My car suddenly developed a fault. Here is my ID card. I could as well be talking to myself.

Within minutes, two of them had made short work of turning my car upside down. If I had even a pin hidden in that car they would have found it. They did not find anything that interested them, either in my car or in me, a poor wretched-car driving journalist. What did they do next?

They jumped into their truck and left. The last of them even muttered to me that the place was dangerous. But he left all the same.

If I was afraid before, now I am truly terrified. What to do? But I didn't have the time to contemplate my misfortune for long. Soon as the police truck disappeared, some boys materialised from the darkness. They must have been there all along, watching my encounter with the police. I could feel my legs shaking. "Do you have money?" One of them inquired. I said I didn't have any money, I just wanted to get home. Another one came forward and sized me up. "Look, leave that man alone. Let's help him." He said in Yoruba. He must be the leader as the others simply turned away. "Where are you going? Did you hear me? I say let's help him." I was now back behind the steering as they pushed me to a nearby fuel station. Again the leader spoke to the station's security to allow my car in. God answers prayers after all. And His favours can be found where we least expect. Why did the police men leave me there even when they knew that the place they found me, stranded in the dead of night, was dangerous?

They saw me as a potential criminal. They understood their duty strictly in terms of arresting criminals. Having satisfied themselves that I was not a criminal, they lost interest in me and left.

It did not occur to them to help me because they didn't understand that their primary duty was to protect me and ensured that I was safe. The irony here was that the criminals that I should actually be protected from by the police were the ones that protected me.

Like everyone is saying, this #EndSars protest provides a great opportunity to reform the police. My point is that regardless of what else we do, the philosophy of policing needs to change and should result in a mindset of citizens protection rather than apprehension.

Bolaji Abdullahi is a former Minister of Youth and Sports.


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