OPINION: On Radio SBS 96.3, Ilorin by Tajudeen Habeeb

Date: 2020-08-19

A few days ago, Radio SBS announced its success of frequency acquisition with some furore following the announcement.

In an environment like ours, everything and every opportunity brings about political conspiracy and discussion.

While, all I want to do is to set the record straight and not discuss whatever politics you might be attaching to it, can I at least admonish our youths to always chart the path to the development of this state and stop seeing everything in political colour? It doesn't only portray us as insensitive future leaders, it is equally dragging us backwards.

This discussion would have been appropriate when the rumour mongers came all out to attack the station and gave a whole lot of conspiracies, but to carefully not give some credence to their assertion, some of us had let go so as not to be dragged into political mud.

It is, however, important that we state the fact and set their minds free, not particularly for the man but equally for our state growth and development. We can't continue killing every business in the name of politics and still sit down in our various assemblies to say our people don't want to invest in the state.

To the point.

Radio SBS as the name implies isn't an acronym for Senator Bukoa Saraki as many termed it thereby attributing its ownership to Bukoa Saraki, it is an acronym for Salmon Babatunde Salmon. The radio represents the sweat, determination, dedication, and focus of a young goal-getter, who is of Ilorin descendant.

I know Alhaji Tunde as a fine young man, who sets his goals and strives day and night to achieve them. I wouldn't say he isn't politically inclined. He is close to Mallam Boaji Abdullahi, but he is not your typical politician neither has he occupied either elective or public office ever in his life.

I find it a point of recklessness, an attempt to kill a market that has not begin because of political colouration. And I am begging you to not because of your interest kill the business of a young man striving to make an impact. You can at least make a little research on its ownership, CAC, NBC have the records.

Today, Radio SBS came on air, clear and sound. Support and encourage the young man to grow his business, listen, and recommend the station for patronage.

For the records once again, Radio SBS has nothing to do with politics nor Abubakar Bukola Saraki.

May God bless you as you support the station. 96.3 is the dial.


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