AbdulRazaq: The Modest Pilot Rewriting The Age-long Unpleasant History of Kwara Roads Without loan

Date: 2021-01-09

The administration of Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq in its less than two years of existence has achieved remarkable feats especially in critical sectors of the economy in line with his campaign promise to birth a new path forward for Kwarans regardless of political leanings and creed without collecting any loan till date.

And true to his words, the largest road reconstruction and rehabilitation projects across the nooks and crannies of Kwara state was embarked upon through the governor's rural-urban renewal initiative project with a view to bridging the wide infrastructural in rural communities across the state and boost economic growth and development.

The road projects have as well created a window of opportunity for local investors, businesses and industries in consonance with the governor's local content development initiative to spend Kwara's wealth within and provide an enabling environment for businesses to thrive.

Fast forward to another year, the underlisted road projects have either been completed or nearing completion as at today:

1.?Construction and repair of Box culvert at Pampo Town, Asa LG

2.?Construction and repair of Box culvert at Pampo Town, Asa LG

3.?Grading of Alapa to Arobadi Asa LG

4.?Grading of Ilesha Baruba to Ogboro, Oyo State Boundary, Baruten

5.?Construction of Market junction, Emir' Palace road, Gwanara,(1.1km), Baruten 6.?Culvert at Gure, Baruten

7.?Construction of Ilesha Baruba + Gwanara Road, Baruten (Ongoing 33km) 8.?Kaiama Kosubosu Rural Road Reconstruction, Baruten/Kaiama (Ongoing 87 km)

9.?Rehabilitation of bridges/Culverts Egwa Bridge, Lafiagi Edu.

10.?Construction of Secretariat Road, Lafiagi (1.54km), Edu

11.?Construction of Tsaragi Market -Batakpan Box Culvert (1.5km), Edu

12.?Construction OF TSWATA-BODZO ROAD, TSONGA (1.31km)

13.?Grading of Osi - Obbo Aiyegunle Road, Ekiti

14.?Construction of Obbo Ile - Isapa Box Culvert, Ekiti LG

15.?Construction of Osi Township road (3.5km), Ekiti

16.?Award for the construction Osi + Obbo Aiyegunle Road, Ekiti

17.?Construction of Oro Ago - Oyate Road (2.3km), Ifelodun

18.?Rehabilitation of CAC,Ogere, Babanloma (1.7km), Ifelodun

19.?Construction of Oriza bridge - Oro-Ago, Ifelodun

20.?Box culvert and retaining wall at oro ago, Ifelodun

21.?Construction of IMU Culvert -Alabe, Ifelodun

22.?Construction of Ipata Market Interna Road (490m), Ilorin East

23.?Rehabilitation of Zango Akerebiata Road (1.2km), Ilorin East

24.?Construction of Sobi Specialist Hospital + Gaa Osibi - Medina (2km), Ilorin East

25.?Rehabilitation of Jagun ,- Sobi Specialist Hospital - Sobi Junction, Ilorin East

26.?Construction of Interlock Access Road at Ita-Ajia Linking Iso Eja, Baba Isale Idiape Area Ilorin, Ilorin East (On-Going)

27.?Construction of Awolowo- Danialu road (1.3km), Ilorin South

28.?Rehabilitation of Tipper Garage to Judges Quarters-New GRA, Ilorin South

29.?Rehabilitation of Basin Taoheed road to Judges Quarters, Ilorin South

30.?Rehabilitation of Unity road, Ilorin South

31.?Rehabilitation of Post Office to Garage Offa road, Ilorin (MICHEAL IMODU), Ilorin South

32.?Construction of Master Drain at Olunlade opposite Micheal Imodu, Ilorin South

33.?Rehabilitation: Dangote Flour Mill Frontage and Asa Dam Road (Geri Alimi to Garage Offa, Ilorin, Ilorin South

34.?Rehabilitation: Adelodun Road Road, Flower Garden Area GRA Ilorin, Ilorin South

35.?Rehabilitation: Agba Dam to CBN Quarters to NNPC PipeLine Road and reconstruction of box Culvert, Ilorin South

36.?Construction of Lower Asa Dam Road (829m) , Ilorin South

37.?Rehabilitation: Fate Tanke Road, Ilorin, Ilorin South

38.?Rehabilitation: OkeAndi-Obafemi-Taoheed Road, Ilorin South

39.?Rehabilitation of Niger road, Ilorin, Ilorin South

40.?Road Rehabilitation: Saboline, Ilorin East, Ilorin South

41.?Road Rehabilitation: Awolowo road, Ilorin South

42.?Road Rehabilitation: Fate Basin, Ilorin South

43.?Road Rehabilitation: Commissioner's lodge, Ilorin South

44.?Road Rehabilitation: kilanko road, Ilorin South

45.?Road Rehabilitation: Gaa- akanbi road, Ilorin South

46.?Road Rehabilitation: Opomalu, Ilorin South

47.?Road Rehabilitation: ikokoro-olufadi-edun, Ilorin South

48.?Road Rehabilitation: omosebi, Ilorin South

49.?Road Rehabilitation: Erin-ile road, Ilorin South

50.?Road Rehabilitation: Airforce road oloje, Ilorin South

51.?Construction of Jani Ibrahim Close. GRA Ilorin, Ilorin South

52.?Construction of Alh. Sani Lawal close off Offa Rd. GRA Ilorin, Ilorin South

53.?Construction of Peace Street Road, Tanke, Ilorin South (On-Going)

54.?Construction of Queen Elizabeth School (1.5km Internal Road), Ilorin West

55.?Construction of Alore Banni Adabiya road(1.1km) , Ilorin West

56.?Construction of College of Education road linking Unilorin Minicampus (800m), Ilorin West

57.?Rehabilitation on Geri-Alimi Split Diamond Interchange (Section I), Ilorin West

58.?Rehabilitation of Taiwo road, Ilorin West

59.?Rehabilitation of ItaAdu Junction to Jagun Junction road, Ilorin West

60.?Rehabilitation of Jagun Junction to Sobi Specialist to Lanre Gada - Sobi road, Ilorin West

61.?Rehabilitation: New Yidi Road, Ilorin, Ilorin West

62.?Rehabilitation: Saw Mill Cemetery Road, Ilorin, Ilorin West

63.?Rehabilitation: Adeta Roundabout to Oloje Junction, Ilorin, Ilorin West

64.?Rehabilitation: Itakudimo Pakata Road, Ilorin, Ilorin West

65.?Grading and Construction of Collector Drainage, Flamingo Road, Off Stadium Road, Taiwo Ilorin

66.?Construction of internal road in Ipata Oloje Market, Ilorin West

67.?Rehabilitation: Oko Erin to Asa Dam and reconstruction of box Culvert, Ilorin West

68.?Rehabilitation: Kano Road Adewole, Ilorin, Ilorin West

69.?Construction: Ita-Kudimo, Ode Ishowo, Pakata area, Ilorin, Ilorin West

70.?Adeta Primary School Linking Kuntu, Ilorin, Ilorin West

71.?Reconstruction of Oke-Apomu Ayilara Road, Ilorin West

72.?Rehabilitation: Pakata Road to Alore, Ilorin West

73.?Sectional Over Along Ita-Amo -Madi, Ilorin West

74.?Interlock Access: Masankore Gambari to Akalanbi, Ilorin West

75.?Road Rehabilitation: Yidi Road Culvert, Ilorin West

76.?Road Rehabilitation: Atiku - Agbo oba road, Ilorin West

77.?Road Rehabilitation: Gari alimi -oja oba, Ilorin West

78.?Road Rehabilitation: Gaa Odota, Ilorin West

79.?Road Rehabilitation: Olorunsogo, Ilorin West

80.?Road Rehabilitation: Agbo oba, Ilorin West

81.?Road Rehabilitation: Oja oba - centre igboro, Ilorin West

82.?Construction of Interlock Access Road at Ayilara And Patching Of Adangba Road, Ilorin West (On-Going)

83.?Construction of Interlock Access Road at Idigba Aibinu Akpaokagi Extension, Ilorin West (On-Going)

84.?Construction of Museum Road, Esie (3Km), Irepodun

85.?Grading of Owa Kajola to Isanlu Isin, Isin LG

86.?Rehabilitation of General Hospital, Road, Kaiama (800m), Kaiama

87.?Construction of Gwaria Road, Kaiama (1.6km), Kaiama

88.?Rehabilitation of Kaiama Roundabout to Emir's Palace (Additional Work), Kaiama

89.?Rehabilitation: Kaiama Wawa box Culvert along Kainji Road, Kaiama

90.?Maigida Bani Rural road rehabilitation (KAIAMA / MORO)

91.?Kishi Kaiama Road Grading (Rural Road Work), Kaiama (On-Going)

92.?Construction of Shao Township road (1.2km), Moro

93.?Rehabilitation of Shao-Junction Malete Road, Moro

94.?Construction of Culvert along Okeoyi Lanwa, Moro

95.?Construction of Box Culvert at Afoda, Moro

96.?Construction of Box Culvert Along Ejidongari Road, Moro 97.?Construction of Idofin OdoAse Culvert, Oke Ero 98.?Construction of Tipper Garage- Amuyo - Adesoye College (3km) 99.?Road Rehabilitation: Secretariat road, Offa Township (Completed) 100.?Road Rehabilitation: General Hospital- Hallelujah, Offa Township (Completed) 101.?Road Rehabilitation: Taiwo Road, Offa Township (Completed) 102.?Road Rehabilitation: Oloffa way, Offa Township (Ongoing) 103.?Road Rehabilitation: Railway Crossing, Offa Township Ongoing 104.?Construction of Erin Ile Town Hall/Station road (960m) Oyun 105.?Construction of Emir’s Road, Patigi (1.2km), Patigi 106.?kusudu-kpada road and Patigi – Gadaworo road, Patigi 107.?Total Revival and Repair of Over 10 Years Abandoned D8 Bulldozer 108.?Total Revival and Repair of Over 10 Years Abandoned Grader 1 (Manual) 109.?Repair of Grader 2 For Earth Work (Auto Drive) 110.?Grading of Tanke Central Mosque Road 111.?Grading of Oko Oba, Oke Odo Community Tanke 112.?Al-Hikmah University Rural Road Construction 113.?Construction of Box Culvert at Adewole, Agbooba Link Road, Ilorin (Bibire) 114.?Grading 0f Odeyemi Street, Sanrab Tanke.

The 2021 budget presented to the Kwara State House of Assembly by Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq after several citizens engagement as shown that indeed #Isenlo ni Kwara and Kwarans should expect more successes that will make even our unborn children proud that we voted right in 2019.

Fafoluyi Olayinka M. Solace

Special Assistant, New Media to the Kwara State Governor.


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