Where is Faysal Harb?

Date: 2014-07-12
Popular businessman and socialite, Chief Faysal Harb, is a prominent player in the economic sphere and social space of Ilorin, Kwara State. Not only is he on the frontline as far as events in the capital city of Kwara State is concerned, his wife, Chief (Mrs) Jumoke Harbs, is also a famous socialite. In recent times, however, the businessman has not been as visible as he used to be on the social scene.

Harb, a popular socialite, reputed for his high connections, appears to have cut down drastically on socialising. Unlike the past when he used to be the cynosure at major social events in Ilorin, these days, Faysal is hardly seen at such events. The grapevine is awash with the rumour that Harb’s business has fallen on hard times. He is reportedly battling with some forces that appear determined to see his chains of business nosedive.

In response, Harb is allegedly engaged in a struggle to rescue his business ventures from the brinks. His apologists however, argue that the rumours about him are untrue stating that he is still financially solvent and has only withdrawn from the public glare for personal reasons. However, his wife, Jumoke, remains a regular face in social circles, her JMK Salon still hosts top celebrities in Ilorin on a daily basis.


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