HIV/AIDS rate in Kwara on the increase

Date: 2017-09-13

The Kwara State AIDS Control Agency (KWASACA) has expressed worry over the rate of HIV/AIDS in the state.

Dr. Alabi Seleem, the Project Manager of KWASACA told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Ilorin on Tuesday that the rate might increase from the 2.3 per cent recorded in 2014.

Seleem who said that the last survey was carried out in 2014, added that there were indications that the rate had increased.

The project manager said that the state of the economy and the donor agencies that had pulledľout of the project had limited most of the activities of the agency.

He said that there was the need for the agency to embark on a statewide survey in order to determine the current rate of HIV/AIDS in the state. "It is important for us to carry out a statewide study rather than a sentinel study to determine the current prevalence in the state.

"The rate as at 2012 was 1.8 per cent, and as at the last study, which was done in 2014, it increased to 2.3 per cent. "Currently, we do not know the rate because we have not been able to carry out any recent relevant study.

"However, we will not be surprised that the rate may have increased," he said. Seleem said that the agency was concentrating on strengthening data collation and technical operations.


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