PDP's impunity is gone, says Kwara chair

Date: 2017-09-08

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has said that its past impunity and cleavages are gone for good.

The Kwara state Caretaker Committee Chairman, Chief Tunde Akindehin, told reporters in Ilorin, the state capital, that PDP "is a changed party."

Said he: "We have formally resumed today September 5, 2017. Some other members of the committee led by the secretary resumed yesterday.

"PDP is a changed party. We have come with a big bang with a lot of activities, innovations, re-engineering and impunity of the past is gone for good. So Nigerians should have confidence in ability to now bring a robust, civilized political activity to the state.

"We will also appeal to the press not to at anytime hesitate to either get to any principal officer of the party at the state level or myself to clarify anything that is not clear on the activities of the party.

"We can assure you we have come here to bridge all the misgivings of the past to ensure that peace, unity is returned permanently to the party."

Akindehin added: "No more cleavages, the cleavages of the past would be a thing of the past. We will ensure that everybody is carried along in the decision making of the party and that recruitment of members is transparent.

"We don't know how the Nigerian ship is being wrecked. And for those who are conscious of the future of our children, we must wake up from our slumber to enthrone good governance and democracy. PDP will not be short of that. We promise you. By the time we address to you tomorrow, we will roll out our plans for the party in the state."


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