Date: 2017-09-05

The only London bridge linking the people of Ilorin East with the people of Ilorin South - has fallen.

Four months ago, there was an heavy down pour which extended itself to all four cardinal points. It was however a bad one for the people of Alagbado and its environs as the only bridge which serves as a route for them was let down by the heavy rain.

It however bewilders the mind that up till this very moment, nothing has been done about the bridge. It is sufficient to say that the bridge isn't only a route for passerby, it is also the route to the only Specialist Hospital in the whole of Kwara Central. This brings us to a question of whether or not the government is aware about it? Of course, the question has answered itself. The issue at hand isn't even about the infrastructures that are lacking in the so called Specialist hospital, that is an entire story for another day.

The bridge serves as a link between the people and the hospital, and for the past four months nothing has been done about it.

Is it not sufficient seeing people swimming out their way just to get to their destination? Or better still, if there's any case of emergency, do you expect the bus to fly its way over the fallen bridge down to the hospital?

The place can now be best described as a dead man's land, you rarely see cars passing through and even those that do will make their passengers alight by the waterside in order to swim their way up ahead. The people of Alagbado have been cut off from their source of livelihood while our government looks on. I am not calling for an amalgamation of the Eastern and Southern protectorate, I am only calling for the reconstruction of a bridge that serves as a success route to thousands of people within the State Capital.

It is sufficient to note that: *"We have a Local Government Chairman who talks more than he works, Honourables who rests more than they resist and Councillors who are totally off the board."*

I hope the Kwara State Government will take a swift action and see to the needs of her citizens. It takes a minute to make a promise and yet a thousand years to fulfil it. If we cannot get the best of attention in terms of electricity, good water supply and ofcourse good health care, do not make us live in the wilderness by overlooking a fallen bridge. Do see to its reconstruction in due time!

-SHEHU, Abdus-Salam Aladodo

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