Makarfi disappointed as effort to resolve Kwara PDP crisis fails

Date: 2017-08-25

CHAIRMAN of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Ahmed Makarfi, has expressed his disappointment over the failure of the party to reconcile the warring factions in its Kwara State chapter.

The party had on Saturday, August 12, at its non-elective convention in Abuja, dissolved the factional executive committees of the party in the state. However, on Tuesday at a meeting presided by Makarfi, the two factions led by Iyiola Oyedepo and Sunday Fagbemi, failed to reach a compromise, consequently deepening the crisis rocking the party in Kwara. Makarfi, while addressing the two factions, cautioned them to toe the part of four other states that have resolved to work together, noting that Kwara State was reputed to be very politically mature.

He further urged them to put their house in order, warning that they risked losing the party's structure in the state to members that might join later. He said: "Kwara State is the only state we are meeting with like this. We have four states that we already have submissions from them based on the resolutions passed and approved at Convention.

"All sides to the conflict in the states jointly signed and made a submission in the overall interest of the party. "State chapters like Lagos and Adamawa are already making progress and would soon make their submissions to NCC.

"They didn't require us to meet with them. Of all the seven states, we have four already and the others will conclude over the Sallah holidays.

"People can question the leadership qualities in any particular state where there are seven affected, and six will get it done and one will be there fighting among themselves. And Kwara is highly politically mature and active to prevent this kind of isolation.

"We have delayed the state because of the influx of people joining the party and they want accommodation. So, what we want is not just people who are in PDP to reconcile and move forward, we also have an influx of people wanting to join the party. And nobody will wait for any particular person.

"The earlier people put their heads together then they can be in a greater position to have, no matter the kind of influx, overwhelming control of political events. In this kind of situation, the delay is dangerous.

"Kwara, as you are waiting, you don't know what development may occur. And before you know it, you start regretting why did you have to wait for so long."


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