Kwara Speaker calls for sanctioning of lawyers with "frivolous cases"

Date: 2017-08-10

Speaker, Kwara State House of Assembly, Dr. Ali Ahmad has suggested that Nigerian Justice System should introduce sanctions to deal with lawyers that usually approach courts with "frivolous appeals", which waste a lot of time and delay justice dispensation.

This, according to Ahmad ,would greatly decongest the courts and compel lawyers to verify the kind of cases they would bring before the courts for hearing, as it is the standard practice in the developed world.

The Speaker, according to the press release issued by his Special Assistant on Media, Shuaib Abdulkadir, said this during the Technical Session of the on-going National Summit on Justice organised by the Federal Ministry of Justice in Abuja on Wednesday.

He added that such introduction would undoubtedly guide the profession, make lawyers to be very cautious in cases they would involve in and enhance the justice sector.

Citing examples of some developed countries, the legislator maintained that no lawyer without legally justifiable cause of action would approach the courts or seek redress.

He explained that once the opposing lawyer is able to establish before the judge that the case is frivolous, such defaulter would be made to pay heavily for wasting court's time and have effect on his or her practice.

While lamenting series of anomalies in the sector, the Speaker challenged the Nigeria Bar Association (NBA) to address those challenges with a view to reform the justice system and enhance national development.

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