Fake lawyer jailed 10 months in Kwara

Date: 2017-07-11

A Chief Magistrate's Court in Ilorin, Kwara State, has sentenced one Itopa Peter Adogun to 10 months' imprisonment with an option of N10,000 fine for fraudulently practicing as lawyer.

The court, presided over by Chief Magistrate I.O. Olawoyin, found Adogun guilty of the two-count charge of impersonation and wearing of wig and gown contrary to sections 179 and 133 of the Penal Code respectively.

Prior to his arrest, Adogun, who practiced law in Ilorin for 10 years as 'Barrister I. T. David', had allegedly won cases in various courts.

"Mr Adogun has been practicing as lawyer in Ilorin and its environs since 2007 and was arrested while defending a case before an Area Court in Adewole area, Ilorin, following a petition by the Ilorin branch of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA)," the charge sheet said.

Some of the items found on him at the point of arrest included complete legal practitioner's robe, legal books, complimentary cards, copies of legal proceedings filed in several courts and other incriminating items related to his fraudulent legal practice.

It would be recalled that the convict had earlier been paraded by the Kwara State Police Command for certificate and identity theft.

The police said, "The convict stole the credentials of one Inufin David Taiwo, an Abuja-based lawyer, under the guise of helping him to secure a job in an oil company, only to come to Ilorin and start practicing as a lawyer with the photocopy of the said credentials.

According to the police, the owner of the documents, said he had known Adogun as client in an office where did his one year mandatory National Youth Service (NYSC).


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