APC Youth Forum Disowns Anti-Saraki Story

Date: 2017-07-10

The attention of the Kwara State Chapter of the All Progressives Youth Forum (APYF) has been drawn to an asinine and absurd Press Statement released by a fictional group under the name of Kwara Youth Stakeholders Forum (KYSF).

For the avoidance of doubt, this group does not exist and has never existed. The sole aim of the person who is using this fictitious group has been to discredit the integrity and person of the political leader of Kwara, the Senate President, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki, the member representing Kwara Central in the 8th National Assembly.

In the statement, the invented group, which is supposedly led by one Mr. Charles Olufemi Folayan, concocted several complaints which do not in anyway reflect the views of the youth of our great state.

Additionally, as a constituent of Kwara South, Mr. Charles Olufemi Folayan has no legal or moral right to attempt to speak on behalf of the youths of Kwara Central. He did not vote there; he is not known there; and based on his statement, we, the Youth of APYF Kwara do not welcome his political views and outlandish sentiments.

As Mr. Charles Olufemi Folayan presently serves as a technical aide to the Special Assistant on Youth and Student Affairs to the President, Mr. Nasiru Adhama, we call on Mr. Adhama to immediately distance himself from the comments and actions of his employee. This is because Mr. Folayanís actions, in this erratic political clime, can be viewed as an outside attempt by the executive to use its employees to discredit the leadership of the National Assembly and stoke the embers of discord.

Obviously, this Charles Olufemi Folayan is one of the divisive elements in the Presidency who are fond of fanning the ember of discord between the legislature and the executive. He is believed to be a primary source of some of the fictitious and phony stories often dished out by Sahara Reporters against some prominent Nigerians wherein the discredited online medium usually quote sources in the Presidency and weave their concocted and imaginary stories on events around the presidency.

While we appreciate that the limited knowledge of Charles Olufemi would not afford him the wherewithal to know the extent of his misconceived importance as a pseudo youth stakeholder in Kwara; we however know that the discerning members of the public, especially the loving people of Kwara Central senatorial district, would know too well to disregard the misguided rantings of a young man desperate for attention and recognition.



Public Relations Officer, APYF, Kwara


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