Firm advises NBC to review business model

Date: 2017-07-10

The General Manager of Integrated Television Services (ITS), one of the signal distribution companies for the Digital Switch Over (DSO) and handlers of the Ilorin switch over project, Mr. Musbau Rotimi Salami, has called for the review of the business model put in place by the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission (NBC).

Salami, who spoke in Ilorin, Kwara State capital, during the visit of the National Assembly Ad-Hoc committee on DSO to inspect the progress of digital installation work on the NTA premises, said the review of the existing business model was imperative to allow for equitable benefits for operators and stakeholders.

He said: "Already the Minister of Information and Culture has called for a review of it. We are eagerly awaiting the review as this will discourage the current situation where those who operate at the fringes and contribute minimally from reaping so much at the detriment of the major stakeholders."

The ITS boss added that the equipment used at the Ilorin centre was not substandard. He said such complaints were misplaced and a lack of understanding of the technology behind the equipment used. "Everything used for the Ilorin switch over installation have met standard as specified by Digiteam / NBC for dvbt2," he said, adding that technology in the broadcast industry is dynamic.

Salam appealled to Nigerians to put the nation first in every aspect of business relationship. We must ensure that national interests come first above personal and parochial interests. Integrated Television Services is conscious of the history behind it and will work to protect the interest of the Nigerian television consumers and the entire broadcasting industry in Nigeria".

The Kaduna State-born and trained transmitter installation and maintenance engineer expressed confidence that the Ad-Hoc Committee's visit to Ilorin would shape the future of digital broadcasting in Nigeria.

Speaking further on the digital revolution happening in Ilorin through the launch, Salami said the launch would herald a new era of television viewing experience.

"The Integrated Television Services welcomes the people of Kwara to this digital television service for all. The excitement is just beginning. It is expected that in the near future, other value added services would commence and we will all be fully integrated to the new world.

"One of the advantages of digital broadcasting is that it opens up the terrain. You will observe that in Ilorin presently there are only two players available yet for the six places earmarked for local broadcasters. The onus is now on interested local players with adequate content and pedigree to step up the plate. The opportunity is there for the taking," he said.

When fully operational, the ITS will have on its platform over 30 channels on its Free TV bouquet, thus delivering unbeatable state of the art quality television experience and pocket friendly plan to the people of kwara state.


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