FG urged to beef up security in schools to avoid a repeat of Chibok kidnapping

Date: 2017-05-15

The Commandant of NOWA Secondary School, Offa in KWARA State, Lieutenant Commander O.O. Sijuade has appealed to the Federal Government and various security outfits in the country to provide adequate security to schools particularly boarding schools to avoid a reoccurrence of the incident that happened at the Government Secondary School, Chibok in Borno State in 2014.

Commander Sijuade made the call in Ilorin , the KWARA state capital while featuring on a Radio KWARA personality interview programme "Playing Host".

The Head of the school disclosed that students generally should be well protected against any external interference while their activities must be properly monitored and praised the efforts of the Federal government in securing the release of some of the Chibok girls and also called for more concerted efforts towards the release of the remaining kidnapped students.

Commander Sijuade who is a trained teacher and administrator called on the government to ensure that only qualified teachers are employed to teach in our various institutions of learning and advocated for adequate training and retraining of teachers as a means of improving the educational standards in the country .

The educationist praised the government in terms of legislation in the education sector but however, called for proper implementation in thus direction and ensure that the right people and professionals are appointed into the right positions.

She enjoined owners of private schools to key into the school curriculum of the government and kicked against the craze by some private school owners to get rich quick by exploiting the students and their parents at even very low standard of education.

The Naval officer enjoined families particularly mothers to pay greater attention to their children and wards and ensure synergy with the school authorities and also avoid disconnect between the parents, the school authority and the students.

Commander Sijuade stressed the need for all tiers of government to provide the needed infrastructure to schools and ensure that all stakeholders in the education sector meet regularly to review and recommend how best to improve on the educational pursuit of the youths.

According to her , NOWA Secondary school which was established in 2015 is unique in the sense that the administration of the school abides strictly by the federal government school education curriculum , maintains high sense of discipline among the staff and students while admission is open to both civilian and military with the civil class having about eighty percent of the enrollment list.

She called for frequent joint task force, joint military training , tolerant and specification of roles of the various military formations to guide against clashes and commended the Olofa of Offa and the entire people of the community for their receptive and friendly nature with the way they have accommodated the management and students of the school.

Commander Sijuade disclosed that the top hierarchy of the Navy and NOWA in particular under the leadership of Mrs Teresa Ibas, the wife of the Chief of Naval Staff are working towards upgrading the secondary school to a higher institution as part of their contributions to add to the educational sector in the country .

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