Don't politicise civil service - Ex Perm Secs to KWSG

Date: 2017-05-19
The Kwara State Government has been warned against politicising the civil service.

The call was made on Tuesday by retired permanent secretaries in the state during their inaugural meeting.

According to them, civil service in the state have been taken over by politicians unlike what was obtained in the past.

Speaking at the meeting, a former head of service, who served between 1987 and 1983, Michael Oyeyipo while commending the state government for approving the establishment of the association said, “there is need to revitalise the civil service because it is no more the way we left it. Politicians have taken over the civil service."

In the same vein, Jacob Afolayan, who served as permanent secretary and clerk of the Kwara State House of Assembly from 2003 to 2009 corroborated Oyeyipo's view, he however said it will be difficult, if not impossible for those who have benefited from political involvement in the service to attest to that fact. "At the end of the day, we should not allow the government to see this association as antagonistic," he added.

On his part, another former permanent Secretary of the Board of Internal Revenue, Alhaji Mudashiru Oladapo sought restructuring of the civil service. "The way we were taught and brought up in service dispensation is not the way it is now. We have to also be careful so as not to be the target of opposition, I think what we should do is how we will improve the system."

Also, Chief Jayeola Gboyega, said there are some policies of the past that cannot be implemented in the future.

Earlier, the Coordinator of the association, Mrs. Bosede Orunmuyi said the civil service is deteriorating in its ability to adhere to the norms and ethics of the service. She stated that retired permanent secretaries would not fold their arms and watch the service collapse.

He added that the essence of the association is to unite all retired permanent secretaries and give them a sense of belonging.

She stated that the association will also offer training and retraining to revitalise the civil servants while also offering advice to the state government in that regard.

Orunmuyi, while commending government for the inestimable support towards the birth of the association explained that the association has no political, ethical or religious colouration. In a voice vote, all 53 retired permanent secretaries, three former HoS, 2 ex-SSG and one retired DG in attendance voted that the association should be fully established.

A Steering committee was however set up to spearhead activities of the association and composition of the constitution; they include, Chief Ore Oyeyipo as Chairman, Dabarako Mohammed, Mrs. Adetoun Olorunmaiye, Barr. Salman Mohammed, Barr. Ayo Fagbemi, Mrs Bosede Orunmuyi and Mudashiru Oladapo as members.


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