Harmony, our greatest achievement in Kwara

Date: 2017-05-18

Kwara State Government has disclosed that the greatest achievement so far recorded since the creation of the state 50 years ago has been peaceful co-existence among its people. Secretary to the State Government, SSG, and Chairman, Golden Jubilee Anniversary Committee of the state, Alhaji Isiaka Gold, disclosed this in Ilorin, yesterday, at a briefing on the programmes lined up for the state's 50th anniversary celebration.

His words: "It is worthy to note that since Kwara State was created in 1967, the people of the state have remained united and lived in peace without any crisis.

"This singular achievement is not common in other states of the federation and to us this is worth celebrating for all the sons and daughters of Kwara."

He said it had led people from across the country to migrate to the state adding: "although, finan-cial resources remains one of the stateís greatest challenges, successive administrations had contributed a lot to the well being of the populace."


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