Opinion: Kwara Youths; Desire to participate in Community Development Service. By Kayode Oyin-Zubair

Date: 2017-05-15

It's no news that we have walked differently and divided sharply along various divides that have not benefitted us, in any way.

I see it as a departure from our culture and tradition as a people committed to development of our immediate environment and nay, our country. How did we get here?

It benefited those who created the artificial divides and that have latched extensively on it. The recent lavish wedding in Minna should open our eyes as young people whose destinies are in their hands that we were never in their calculations.

Four years in a time they feast on our intelligence and number to get political power and what happens thereafter? We provide them with the tools they use to pierce our conscience and in an atmosphere filled with unrivalled poverty, who talks integrity again? Survival becomes the operating language!

I invite you to the rebuilding of our communities and take interest in the affairs of our dear state -Kwara. I have toured (and still touring) about 26 rural and rural-rural communities, there is a common denominator. Neglect and derelict infrastructures all over. No roads, no potable water, primary health centres without drugs and under staffed among other issues.

In the midst of these inadequacies, can't you see that your youthful contribution will be necessary? You are a bundle of knowledge, energy, creativity and vibrancy.

Never agreed to be leaders of tomorrow, let's bring our little knowledge to the fore; the magnanimous amongst the old folk are willing to lend a shoulder to rest on. Never settle for the average. Should any politician ask you to wrestle for him. Let him bring his kids, are they not stakeholders as well?

Let's join the train, Nigeria is looking up to you, Kwara is looking up to you, your community is looking up to you and your parents are looking up to you. Pursue, the goal and be #GoalGetters

Kayode Oyin-Zubair


Goal-Getters Initiatives

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