Fed Govt urged to declare state of emergency in the power sector

Date: 2017-05-08

The Federal Government has been called upon to declare a state of emergency in the power sector without further delay so as to save the Industrial and infrastructural sector from total collapse .

A Computer Engineering expert, Taofik Abdulkareem Babaita made the call in Ilorin , the KWARA state capital while featuring on a Radio KWARA personality interview programme, Playing Host.

The Computer Engineer noted that when the crisis in the power sector is addressed, lot of problems facing the country particularly in the education sector in the areas of research work would be overcome .

According to him, the idea of government diverting the economy would be a mirage except the power sector is adequately looked into.

Engineer Taofik Abdulkareem, who is the CEO of Plat Technologies Limited, also declared that the inadequacies in the power sector is also hindering the engineering practice in the country as most manufacturers now prefer to manufacture their goods outside the country and bring back to Nigeria and sell at exorbitant cost at the expense of the economy of the government.

He added that Nigerian engineers do not lack the know how to development and invent new technologies stressing that they excel outside the shores of the land and said their major constraints is the crisis in the power sector.

The Computer Engineer expressed concern and worry that terrorists operating in the country have not been tracked down since they started their criminal activities several years ago and called for synergy between the computer experts and security operatives so as to find a lasting solution to terrorists activities .

Answering another question, Engineer Taofik appealed to youths to look inwards and not wait perpetually for government to provide them with employment but rather urged them to develop themselves and make use of the knowledge they have gained in the communication technology and use it as an enabler in different fields.

He enjoined the youths to guide against using computer negatively as the good aspect of computer out ways the bad sides hence the need for them to use the system to positively access the world market for employment opportunities.

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