Expert tells government to strengthen Primary Health-care

Date: 2017-01-09

A medical expert, Dr Kolawole Joshua has called on the government to strengthen the Primary Health-care system through the provision of adequate expertise and necessary facilities.

This, he said, would reduce the burden on the secondary and tertiary health institutions in the country.

Dr Joshua who said this while speaking with VON in Ilorin, noted that once the Primary Health-care system is strengthened, only referral cases would be treated at the secondary and tertiary institutions level.

The Medical Expert who is a Senior Healthcare Assessor and Quality Manager with Safecare, PharmAcess Foundation,also called on the people of Kwara State to key into the state wide health insurance scheme by paying little premium and access qualitative healthcare for a period of one year.

He said the health insurance scheme would begin in the state in the next three months, urging the people of the state to register and enrol for the scheme.

According to him, the Kwara state governor, Alhaji Abdulfatah Ahmed has approved the pursuance of quality institutionalization by formulating a ten man committee to ensure public stimulation to access to public healthcare.

Doctor Joshua noted that this would engender trust in the health system and improve access to quality health care in the state.

He explained that patients have the right to improved quality health system, and charged them to always seek better treatment in the hospital by asking doctors and nurses about the injection or drugs being administered to them.

Doctor Joshua also cautioned Nigerians against self-medications especially during this economic recession period, urging them to pay more attention to their health through preventive measures.


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