Trekking help to shed unwanted fat, water weight - Dr Olufemi

Date: 2017-01-06

A medical expert, Dr. Bunmi Olufemi of the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital, has disclosed that trekking is good for health.

Olufemi said this during an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria in Ilorin on Wednesday, adding that trekking kept the body fit.

According to him, trekking is a great way to reduce stress and that it improves mental health, memory and functionality of the brain.

He said trekking built strong bones as it requires stretching, jumping, climbing and dodging at several intervals which helped in making the bone strong.

Olufemi said: "Trekking helps to achieve excellent muscle strength. It leads to exercising of each and every muscle in the body thereby making the body flexible and the muscles agile.

"I always advice anybody above thirty years of age to always engage in trekking as it helps to build and achieve excellent muscle."

The Medical Doctor also said that physical activities being engaged in the process of trekking tour helped to shed unwanted fat and water weight.

He said: "Climbing, dodging around boulders and lights runs and sprints is common, while trekking tour leads to weight loss."

He, therefore, advised both old and young people to always engage in trekking, saying it was the best exercise for the body as it placed the muscles at alert and promoted effective functioning of the brain.NAN

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